Insta Recruit - international employment agency

About us

Insta Recruit is a dedicated recruitment company, committed to helping employers hire smart, motivated people to achieve both bottom line and personalized career goals. We work through our network of worldwide teams of recruiting professionals for a variety of industries. We strive to provide the best possible service to both candidates and clients. Using in-depth research and premise, enables us to provide our clients with customized profiles for each candidate, saving both theirs' and the candidates' time. A strategy of a comprehensive understanding of clients' needs and the opportunities and interests the candidates will ensure, that we recruit the best specialists. When you partner with us to meet your talent requirements, you benefit from the implementation of best practices in HR and executive recruitment, resulting in improved outcomes such as access to a rich talent pool, close lead times, seamless management of the hiring process, and optimization of hiring costs savings. Our recruiting consultants have the manufacturing and logistics expertise necessary to provide a skilled workforce and ongoing talent management to support your staffing needs and boom your business.

Our Mission, values and purpose

Our mission is to be a reliable and valuable company that strives to become the best recruiting agency in UK and Europe by continuously employing the most highly qualified personnel, strictly adhering to the guidelines and prioritizing customer needs. To be at the top in what we do, means to clearly understand the quality of the services that we provide to our clients and our candidates. The focus on quality in everything we do, honesty and teamwork are the core values of our business, empowering people and organizations to fulfil their unique potential. This way, every decision we make, enriches our relationship with the clients, deepens our candidate understanding and strengthens our commitment to colleagues.

Recruitment Solutions

We work with businesses that face a variety of talent challenges, from short-term temporary or contingent needs for one or two employees to project talent requirements spanning a multidisciplinary, international workforce of 1,000 or more based in remote states and difficult places. Our direct recruiting capabilities are just as flexible, with services aimed at individual and high volume needs, talent acquisition strategies, working across the UK and other European countries.

What industries do we cover?

All of our consultants have industry-specific experience in their specialty, so they understand your needs, with a focus on the placement of permanent and temporary personnel for following sectors: Engineering, Furniture and Textile, Healthcare, Automotive & Transport, Meat Industry in the middle of large enterprises, as well as in trade and Industrial sector.

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